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What is New & Modern?

New & Modern is platform that connects Real Estate professionals with a network of qualified local investors/buyers, to help them sell their properties faster and for more money.  We are a completely free service that guarantees multiple offers on your properties in less than 48 hours, with absolutely no service charge, commissions or hidden fees.  It is quite simply, one of the best deals available for anyone who has off-market, listed or wholesale properties for sale in highly desirable areas.

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Our Buyer Network

New and Modern continues to expand its national daily reach, with over 250+ buyers across 20 states.  If you don't see your region highlighted yet, don't worry.  Many more investors, buyers and builder are registering with us daily, and we plan to have all 50 state coverage soon!   

Paying for costly leads? Why waste your money. 

We take the effort, time and cost out of building and maintaining a pool of buyers by matching you with hundreds of qualified national builders/investors, so that you can focus on building inventory and closing deals.

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