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New and Modern gives Licensed Agents, Brokers  and Referral Agents, regardless of brokerage or geography, a platform to share off-market tear down, rehab, commercial or vacant land properties, with a pre-qualified network of investors and builders.  Get multiple offers for your property in less than 48 hours, close in 30 days, and double your commission.  Members that are licensed agents are also eligible to receive FREE listings, and we only charge a small referral fee at closing!

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Sell a Home 8x Faster!

No Membership Fees

With New and Modern Lots, you get access to both fully qualified buyer and seller leads for free, without paying costly membership dues or recurring marketing fees.     

Immediate Offers

Sign up to showcase your off-market properties on the New and Modern platform, for Free!  As a member, you will have access to over 150+ local investors and builders seeking highly desirable properties in your area, and we guarantee you will receive multiple high bid offers within the first 48-72 hours.  There is no limit to how many homes you showcase, or how many offers you may receive.

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Screenshot 2020-02-17 15.50.44.png
Screenshot 2020-02-17 15.50.52.png
Screenshot 2020-02-16 17.21.15.png

Double Your Commission

Believe it or not - agents that choose to present their off-market properties for sale on New and Modern, receive both the seller and buyer side of the listing commission when one of our member's offers is accepted.  Double your commission and get your home(s) sold faster!  

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Listing Agent

 Buyers Agent

Referral Program

As a member, you become eligible to receive buyer and seller listing referrals for properties that sell quickly and for top dollar.  When the transaction is complete, we charge a minimal referral fee and you keep the rest!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensed Agents/Brokers

Do N&M charge a referral fee for connecting me with buyers?

No, New and Modern does not charge any referral fees or transaction fees for connecting your seller with our buyers. Our service for matching sellers with ready and willing buyers from our platform, is 100% free.

Can I refer a seller/listing to New and Modern?

Yes you can absolutely refer a seller to us. Please reference our Agent Referral Agreement for additional details about the referral fees, payout and timing.

I have a property under a listing agreement, but that is not on any MLS or syndicate sites (aka. Zillow, Trulia, etc). Can I Publish it on N&M?

Yes, you can. We accept all properties listed or unlisted, so long as they have not been shared publicly via an MLS or syncicate site. The reason for this is to maximize the offers from our members and minimize offer complication.

If I have a property listed on an MLS currently, but want to publish it on N&M, can I remove it from the MLS and re-submit it?

In most cases, yes. We do however evaluate each property on a case by case basis. Those that have been withdrawn from MLS, synicate or FSBO sites will be reviewed by our team to determine if they meet our presentation criteria.

How long can I present my property on N&M?

The Presentation Period varies from property to property, but we suggest 30 days. Typically, we see 85-90% of the offers come in within the first 72 hours, but many of our partnering agents/brokers leave it on longer to get maximum exposure. 30 days allows more than enough time for all members of our community to see the property, and the interested parties to make their best and final offers.

How does N&M choose which buyers to show my property to?

We have developed a complex algorthm that compiles and evaluates hundreds of historical real estate data points about our investor/buinder members. From this, we choose which properties best fit specific members and allow them to presnet their offer.

What if the property does not sell before the presentation period expires?

If the property does not sell, we strongly encourage you to consider extending the presentation period another 30 days. We have MANY new investor members joining the platform daily, so your property will continue to be immediately persented to new buyers evan after it has expired, so long as you do not chose to remove it.

What happens if I find a buyer for the property while it is on N&M?

We do not limit agents from continuing to seek buyers for their property while it is being presented on N&M. All buyers sourced outside of our service have are completely separate from N&M's service agreement. Only buyers sourced through the N&M platfrom are subject to the Terms and Conditions of our Service.

How does double commission work?

When we refer a buyer to you, you will be able to represent both the seller and the buyer as a dual disclosed agent for the sale of your listing. Terms and conditions of commission and payout are based on the listing agreement with your seller.

Referral Agents

How do I refer properties to New and Modern?

To refer properties, simply sign up and agree to our referral agreement. Once registered and accepted, you will be able to upload both seller and buyer referrals to us. Terms and conditions are included in the Agent Referral agreement, please refer to it for details.

Can I refer buyers and sellers?

Yes! We welcome all referrals for both buyers and sellers.

What information needs to be provided about each referral?

Please see the property submission form on your member account profile. This submission form has all the details that we require in order for a property to be shared with our buyer network.


Do you have limitations on the assignment fees I can charge?

No, we do not limit the assignment fees you charge; however, once you publish a property with a set price on the platform, it can not be changed until the presentation period ends or the presentation terms are withdrawn. Assignment fees are in cluded with the asking privce of the home and fees are payed at closing by the buyer, per a traditional wholesale transaction.

Can I continue to market my home even though I presented it on N&M?

Absolutely, yes. We understand the challenges with and significance of each wholesale real estate deal, so do not have any restrictions on publicizing your property. However, we do not accept any properties listed on an MLS(s) or on public syndiate sites like Zillow and Trulia. Acceptable marketing outside of N&M include but are not limited to Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, Print Advertiseing, or other digital forms of online advertiseing.

What happens if I find a buyer on my own while the property is on N&M?

Simply notify us via email that you wish to remove the property, and give us 24 hours to remove it from our syste.

What contract is used to transact the offer and purchase?

A standard purchase offer contract will be created and presented by the N&M team. Modifications or amendments to this contract should be negotiated directly with the representative N&M account manager.


Does N&M offer adverisement opportunities?

Yes, we have several advertisement packages available for targeted advertisement placement. For all inquities and pricing, please contact

Investment Opportunities Available?

We are always open to speaking with investors and lenders seeking new opportunities. Please contact us for questions at 201.957.3574