Wholesaling, has never been this easy.

Sell inventory faster and for more money.

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Value for Wholesalers.

New and Modern helps wholesalers sell properties faster than any other service.  We guarantee multiple offers in <1 week, from qualified, ready-to-close cash buyers.  Our platform puts hundreds of active Investors, Builders and Flippers, instantly at your fingertips; minimizing costly marketing activities, and maximizing the profitability of your deals. This is a 100% free service with no fees, subscription or commission required.  Simply sign up and publish your properties to get started!

Building a buyers list? Why waste your time. 

We take the effort out of building and maintaining a pool of buyers by matching you with hundreds of qualified national investors, so that you can focus on building inventory and closing deals.

Immediate Offers

Qualified buyers ready to make immediate offers with 30 day close.

Flexible Closing & Assignment

Flexibility for Single or Double closing and you set your assignment fees.   

Seamless Process

Wholesaling can be challenging at times.  We remove the complexity and risk through better process and communication.

Getting Started.


Publish your properties in seconds through our web or mobile portal Here.


When shared, your property(s) will immediately be sent to our buyer network for offer solicitation. 

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Choose the highest offer received and we will help facilitate the offer contract, closing, and assignment.

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